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U.S-Turkey relations, in a special moment, says U.S. Assistant Secretary of State

Assistant Secretary Fernandez traveled to Ankara from May 22-24, leading a U.S. delegation to the 10th U.S.–Turkey Economic Partnership Commission (EPC) meeting. The EPC serves to advance the United States strong and growing economic partnership with Turkey on entrepreneurship, innovation, intellectual property rights, trade, and investment. Read more

Political Economy of Turkey – In Search of Stability amid Domestic and Global Crises

TUSIAD-US President Abdullah Akyuz has published an analysis paper entitled “Political Economy of Turkey: in Search of Stability amid Domestic and Global Crises” at the Brookings Institution Center for United States and Europe.

Please access the analysis by clicking on the following link: http://www.brookings.edu/papers/2009/03_turkey_akyuz.aspx Read more