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The Economy in Turkey 2018

The Turkish economy grew at a rate of 3.2% in 2016, largely due to the attempted coup and terror attacks. The outlook was negative in the beginning of 2017. Expectations for growth were in the range of 2.5-3% and the Turkish lira was losing value against the dollar. Read more

The Economy in Turkey in 2017

2016 was a difficult year for Turkey. It was a year in which we hoped that we could focus on economic reforms following the November 2015 elections, but instead the agenda was dominated by political developments, including the resignation of the government, an attempted coup, and a proposal to amend the constitution. Read more

A New Era for the Customs Union and the Business World

a new era for the customs union and the business world cover

TÜSİAD has published a report that analyzes the effects of deepening and modernizing the Customs Union between Turkey and the European Union. The report, entitled, “A New Era for the Customs Union and the Business World,” is a detailed study of the Customs Union, in the context of Turkey’s European Union membership and its participation in TTIP. Read more

Ties That Bind: Turkey, TTIP and Transatlantic Partnership

by Baris Ornarli & Audrey Stevens

Late last month, EU Trade Commissioner Cecilia Malmström met with U.S. Trade Representative Michael Froman for nearly five hours in an effort to provide momentum to the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) negotiations.
Negotiations are progressing slowly, however both sides are reportedly looking to accelerate the process in order to finalize TTIP before President Barack Obama leaves office in January 2017. Read more

Business Priorities for Turkey’s G20 Presidency in 2015

Turkey assumes the G20 Presidency in 2015 and will chair and host the B20. In that context, the Turkish Industry and Business Association (TUSIAD) initiated a global study to define the private sector’s priorities for the recommendations that will be produced during Turkey’s Presidency, with special focus on the increasing role of emerging markets and G20 in the world economy. Read more