US-Turkish Economic Relations in a New Era

TUSIAD and the US Chamber of Commerce released a joint report on US – Turkish economic relations. The report, prepared by Sidar Global Advisors (SGA) is entitled “US-Turkish Economic Relations in a New Era: Analysis and Recommendations for a Stronger Strategic Partnership.” The report examines the current state of US-Turkey economic relations, including the political […]

Getting to Zero: Turkey, Its Neighbors and the West

Turkey is a key ally to both the United States and Europe. A long-standing member of NATO and a candidate for membership in the European Union, Turkey has strong ties to the West and has long served as a bridge to the East in a volatile, yet strategic, region. Today, Turkey is undergoing a transformation […]

Turkey in Europe: Breaking the Vicious Circle

The Independent Commission on Turkey has published a report entitled “Turkey in Europe: Breaking the Vicious Circle,” which examines the factors that have impacted Turkey’s potential membership in the EU since the accession process formally began in 2005. The Commission, which is comprised of former high ranking European public officials, advocates forging a strong relationship […]