About Us

“The objective of the Representative Office is to develop and deepen Turkey-U.S. relations in every field as well as strengthen mutual interaction.”


Founded in 1971, the Turkish Industry and Business Association (TÜSİAD) is an independent, non-governmental organization dedicated to promoting public welfare through private enterprise. TÜSİAD supports independent research and policy discussions on important social and economic issues in Turkey and abroad. Much like the US Business Roundtable, TÜSİAD is comprised of CEOs and executives of major industrial and service companies in Turkey, including those that are among global Fortune 500 companies.

TÜSİAD has expanded its scope to include U.S.-Turkey relations and launched its office in Washington, D.C., in November 1998. Within the general framework of the mission of its parent organization, TUSIAD-US strives to:

  • Be a conduit for exchange of information between Turkey and the United States on economic and political matters through conferences, panels, direct contacts, press releases, reports, and periodicals;
  • Establish its own line of communication with the U.S. administration and agencies, congressional committees, think tanks, business organizations, media, and international organizations;
  • Develop suggestions and formulate policy recommendations on ways to strengthen Turkish-US political, economic, and business ties;
  • Enhance growing ties between the U.S. and Turkey by effectively representing and protecting the interests of the Turkish business community;
  • Follow closely the new formulations of U.S. foreign policy and keep the Turkish business community informed of the latest developments in the U.S. which impact Turkey;
  • Alert U.S. public opinion to developments that have a direct or indirect bearing on Turkey.


Partners in the United States: