TUSIAD: "Turkey's Democracy Proves to be Strong"

Following the Constitutional Court’s decision to not ban the AKP, TUSIAD has issued the following statement:

“Despite the recent events that have polarized Turkish society and created political tension, Turkey’s democracy has proven to be strong and mature with the Constitutional Court’s decision.  TUSIAD has consistently emphasized that the closure of a political party will not resolve a country’s political problems. On the contrary, it can only weaken its democracy through the political uncertainties and crises it creates.

At this point, there is still much that must be done to make Turkish democracy stronger and more pluralistic.  Firstly, political parties must develop their political agendas, programs, and activities based on the fact that Turkey is a secular, democratic, social and constitutional state.  All constitutional and legal barriers that prevent Turkey from strengthening its democracy must be changed.

In parallel with Turkey’s EU accession process and mindful of Turkey’s needs, a comprehensive and inclusive process of modifying the constitution must be initiated.  In light of this experience, and to commence this process of change, we reiterate our call for the establishment of a Constitutional Convention which will include all groups of society as well as civil society organizations.  We believe this decision will be regarded as a milestone in the history of Turkish democracy.”

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