TUSIAD-US: "TUSIAD-US Condemns the Attack on the US Consulate in Istanbul, Honors Deceased Turkish Police Officers"

The following statement has been issued by TUSIAD-US in response to the recent violence that unfolded at the US Consulate in Istanbul:

“TUSIAD-US is saddened by the events that took place on July 9th at the US Consulate in Istanbul and would like to acknowledge the dedication and sacrifice of the Turkish police officers who laid down their lives while performing their duty at the time of the attack: Mr. Erdal Oztas, Mr. Mehmet Onder Sacaklioglu and Mr. Nedim Calik.

These heroes, along with the other police officers defending the attack, deserve recognition and respect for upholding their often thankless commitment to protection and service.  We would also like to send our sincere sympathy and condolence to the families and loved ones of these officers.

Acts of terrorism and horrendous crimes of this nature are intolerable always and everywhere.  TUSIAD-US stands with the leaders of Turkey and the US, as well as others, in condemning these acts of violence performed on Turkish soil and expresses an earnest desire to see justice brought to those who were responsible.”

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