TUSIAD: "Turkish Initiatives in the Caucasus including those towards Armenia Should be Supported"

TUSIAD has issued a press release concerning the recent developments in the Caucasus and President Gul’s upcoming visit to Armenia:

“The recent developments taking place in the Caucasus demonstrate clearly that Turkey’s foreign relations need to be expanded in a multi-dimensional way as required by Turkey’s EU process, its strategic relations with the US and NATO as well as its neighborly relations withRussia, Georgia and Armenia. Any initiative taken in this direction, disregarding historical prejudices, should aim at consolidating Turkey’s regional relations and partnerships.

In this context, we expect the “Caucasian Stability and Partnership Platform” proposed by the Turkish Government will be a productive initiative. The facts that this platform also includesArmenia and that President Gul will visit Armenia to watch a soccer game together with his Armenian counterpart are encouraging steps for Turkey’s efforts in stabilizing the Caucasus and securing energy routes. We hope these efforts help in normalizing our relations with Armeniaand contributing to a fruitful dialogue that might lead to the resolution of bilateral issues in a rational and mutually beneficial way.”

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