TUSIAD: “The Armenian Genocide Resolution May Lead to Unforeseen Consequences in the Region”

The Turkish Industrialists’ and Businessmen’s Association (TUSIAD) expresses its regrets and concerns over the passage by the House Committee on Foreign Affairs of H. Res. 106, Armenian genocide resolution, labeling the tragic events that took place during the first World War as genocide. TUSIAD stresses that this contentious resolution may lead to irreversible consequences in the already fragile Middle East and Caucasus regions, and issues the following statement:

“The Turkish business community is unable to comprehend how the parliament of one country, driven entirely by domestic political motives, can attempt to rewrite the history of the Ottoman Empire. The fact that such an initiative is put forward at a time when the U.S. Administration is reluctant to support Turkey’s fight against ethnic terrorism of PKK, which recently claimed the lives of civilians and soldiers, has further alienated the Turkish people. 

The passage of this resolution by the House has the potential to trigger a series of unforeseen outcomes such as,

  • Discouraging the potential initiatives for the normalization of relations between Turkey and Armenia;
  • Pushing aside efforts such as Turkey’s proposal to form a joint international commission to review the events of 1915;
  • Encouraging domestic and external actors that resist Turkey’s goal of developing its social, political, and economic foundations in line with Western norms;
  • Damaging initiatives to promote mutual understanding, democracy and open society, which have gained special significance in the post-9/11 period; and
  • Justifying efforts to seek alternative business partnerships.

TUSIAD has been a vocal supporter of stronger and deeper U.S.-Turkish partnership in all possible areas. We believe there is a bigger picture to focus on considering the developments taking place in the Middle East, Central Asia, Southeast Asia and the Caucasus. The mutual interests of both countries require further collaboration directed at improving regional stability and promoting democracy.

The business community in Turkey is seriously concerned with the outcomes that may result from the passage of the resolution by the House of Representatives. Therefore, we invite the American public, members of the House of Representatives and the U.S. Administration to make an effort to prevent the resolution from reaching the House floor. We also urge them to support Turkey more effectively in its fight against ethnic terrorism of PKK.”

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