TÜSİAD Statement on the General Elections in Turkey

The Board of Directors of the Turkish Industry and Business Association (TÜSİAD) released a statement following the General Elections of June 7, 2015.

We extend our congratulations to all members of Parliament who have been elected and the political parties that will be represented in the Turkish Grand National Assembly. As representatives of the business world, we believe that the incoming Parliament will resolutely work toward raising the level of Turkey’s democracy, economy and social standards.

During this election campaign, we observed heightened societal tension, polarization and widespread intolerance that has had a damaging effect on confidence, at a level beyond typical election cycles. Confidence in the economy and the country as a whole can only improve with freedom of thought, democratic participation, rule of law and public reason.  As TÜSİAD, we believe that confidence can be strengthened with transparency and accountability, and with the effective participation of civil society.


Every election and new Parliament is an opportunity to strengthen democracy. The will of the electorate has not designated a majority party to form a government. We therefore hope that the political parties will seek compromise, which is a central tenet of democracy, and rally around national interests.


We call on the incoming Parliament and next government, along with the input and support of all stakeholders, to strengthen democratic standards and the concept of a state based on rule of law. For Turkey to achieve its potential, we hope that all policy decisions required for development are implemented, especially in the areas of industry and human resources, in an effort to increase global competitiveness.


As TÜSİAD, we will continue to work for the future of our country and our people, with a commitment to dialogue and cooperation with stakeholders, and to generate added value.