15th Anniversary of the Washington Representative Office of TUSIAD

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This year marks the 15th anniversary of the TUSIAD Washington Representative Office. The establishment of a representative office in Washington 15 years ago reflects the Turkish business world’s appreciation of the importance of the U.S. – Turkey relationship and has demonstrated the recognition of the potential for greater economic and political ties between Turkey and the United States. To mark the occasion, the TUSIAD Board of Directors and members are traveling to Washington, D.C.

TUSIAD President Muharrem Yilmaz said, “TUSIAD has been a leader in improving the U.S. – Turkey relationship. We believed then as we believe now that the relations between our two countries should not be restricted to the strategic component. Economic relations, people to people interaction, intellectual engagement are essential for the relationship to grow and prosper in a mutually beneficial fashion. The very presence of our office in Washington is an indication of the Turkish business world’s commitment to improving Turkish-American relations and fully securing Turkey’s place in the Atlantic community of shared interests and values. This is part of TUSIAD’s mission. We firmly believe that Turkey’s prosperity depends on further integration with the Atlantic economy.”

Established in 1998 the TUSIAD Washington Representative Office works to develop and deepen the U.S. – Turkey relationship by strengthening mutual interaction.

Founded in 1971 as the voice of the Turkish business world, TUSIAD works for public interest by promoting participatory democracy, a competitive market economy, and sustainable development. Member companies account for 80% of Turkey’s foreign trade volume, 85% of corporate taxes, and 50% of private sector employment.

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