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A Tale of Two Worlds: Entrepreneurs and VCs

The TÜSİAD Silicon Valley Network hosted a panel titled “A Tale of Two Worlds: Entrepreneurs and VCs” on April 2 in San Francisco. 75 professionals based in and around the Bay area attended the event. Chair of the TÜSİAD Silicon Valley Network Aysegül İldeniz gave opening remarks emphasizing that the network should be a venue for mutual support between Turkish professionals in the area, and should establish a bridge in order to give back to the community in Turkey. Read more

A Tale of Two Worlds: Entrepreneurs and VCs

After our launch in October 2017, the TÜSİAD Silicon Valley Network, which aims to bring together the Turkish business community in the Bay Area, is presenting a panel and networking event on VC Funding and success stories. Our panelist CEOs who received VC funding will be sharing their success stories and you will have a chance to meet and spend quality time with them through a structured networking activity. Read more