TUSIAD Silicon Valley Network: Building an Advisory Board for Startups

What are the factors a startup should consider when selecting advisors? How do you keep your advisors motivated and engaged?  On November 7, 2019, the TUSIAD Silicon Valley Network organized a panel discussion on how to build an advisory board for startups at Silicon Valley Bank in San Francisco. Sayan Gomel, Co-Head of Corporate Development and Managing Director at SVB Financial Group, moderated the panel, which included: Eren Bali, Co-founder/CEO at Carbon Health, Chairman/Co-founder at Udemy; Baglan Rhymes, Co-founder at Eddi.ai, Chief Digital Officer & SVP Global Revenue, AnchorFree; Fatih Karatas, Co-founder and President of SAASPASS; and Nuno Pedro, Founder and Managing Partner, Strive Capital.

The panelists discussed their experiences as founders of startups and entrepreneurial professionals in the Silicon Valley ecosystem. They provided insights on the best strategies for finding a reliable and productive group of startup advisors.