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Testing Turkey

By: Soner Cagaptay / Foreign Affairs For all the talk of Turkey’s “zero problems with neighbors,” no amount of soft power has been able to protect the country from the protracted civil war in Syria. Now over two years old, that conflict has laid bare Ankara’s inability to match Tehran’s influence in the region — or even to secure itself against violence as the conflict has spilled over its borders. After years of trying to go it alone in the Middle East, Turkey’s leaders and public must face the fact that their country needs the United States and NATO for security and stability. 


Future Turkey-U.S. relations lies in the future Turkey-EU relations

By: Elif Senvardarli The below article was originally published in the “USA in Details” publication of Dünya newspaper. The future of Turkey lies in the European Union, and therefore the future of U.S.-Turkey relations lies within this context, in the broader transatlantic relations. As the U.S. representative office of Turkish Industry & Business Association (TUSIAD), in keeping with our mission of the improvement of economic relations between the U.S. and Turkey, our goal is to help solidify this commitment with concrete policies. In this end, we support the inclusion of Turkey to the process of U.S.-EU Economic Agreement. By including Turkey in this framework, Turkey can become a transatlantic partner of the U.S. along with the EU, instead of a bilateral partner of the EU or the U.S.