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Don't forget free trade with Turkey

By: Kemal Kirisci / The National Interest Last month, both the U.S. and the European Union (EU) took important internal steps to prepare the ground work for negotiations to establish the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership. TTIP would create the largest integrated market in the world, bringing together half of the world’s GDP and 30 percent of world trade. If it went beyond eliminating already low-level tariffs and succeeded in aligning regulatory standards on both sides of the Atlantic, it also could generate more than 3 percent GDP growth. Beyond bilateral effects, TTIP could also spill over to global-trading trends and serve as a tool for strengthening the Western economic order. But in its current form TTIP would leave Turkey, currently the sixteenth-largest economy in the world, and a long-standing transatlantic ally, out in the cold. 


Future Turkey-U.S. relations lies in the future Turkey-EU relations

By: Elif Senvardarli The below article was originally published in the “USA in Details” publication of Dünya newspaper. The future of Turkey lies in the European Union, and therefore the future of U.S.-Turkey relations lies within this context, in the broader transatlantic relations. As the U.S. representative office of Turkish Industry & Business Association (TUSIAD), in keeping with our mission of the improvement of economic relations between the U.S. and Turkey, our goal is to help solidify this commitment with concrete policies. In this end, we support the inclusion of Turkey to the process of U.S.-EU Economic Agreement. By including Turkey in this framework, Turkey can become a transatlantic partner of the U.S. along with the EU, instead of a bilateral partner of the EU or the U.S.