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US – Turkey relations and the candidates

By: Yigal Schleifer / Washington American President Barack Obama and his challenger, former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney, have been spending this election season working hard to portray themselves as each representing a starkly different choice for American voters. But as the last debate in Florida between the two candidates made clear, when it comes to foreign policy issues, Obama and Romney are not really that different.


Turkey as a foreign policy challenge?

Thomas Seibert argues in The National that Turkey will be one on the foreign policy challenges the new U.S. administration must deal with. He writes: “With the Turkish-Syrian border in turmoil, Ankara is likely to press the new US administration for more help to support the opposition to the Syrian president, Bashar Al Assad.”


What to expect of US-Turkish bilateral ties

Leslie Esbrook, a doctoral candidate at Yale Law School, wrote in Hurriyet Daily News that “the prospect of a stable and promising bilateral alliance looms large,” despite any challenges that may emerge after the election.


Boyner calls for a more comprehensive relationship

Umit Boyner, President of the Board of Directors of TUSIAD, called for a more comprehensive relationship between Turkey and the United States. Speaking at a joint conference organized by TUSIAD and The Brookings Institution, Boyner stressed the common interests of the U.S. and Turkey.