Gül and Erdoğan congratulate Obama

President Abdullah Gül and Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan congratulated President Barack Obama on his election victory.

In his congratulatory letter, Gül stressed that ties between Turkey and the U.S. have strengthened and stated, “we are determined to maintain the model partnership and positive nature of our relationship.” Pointing to the regional and global importance of bilateral relations between the two countries, Gül underlined the importance of their partnership for peace, stability, and security in regions such as Central Asia, North Africa, Caucasus, and Central and South Asia. 

Speaking to the Turkish press during his trip to Indonesia, Prime Minister Erdoğan congratulated President Obama and expressed the need to advance the U.S.-Turkey relationship. Erdoğan said he believed that the relationship will be far more fruitful.

He said, “We have worked together intensively not only globally but also in our region. We have worked together to grow our strategic partnership into a model partnership. For myself, and for my country,

I congratulate [the President].”

Erdoğan also commended both candidates on their performances during the campaign, as well as how they conducted themselves towards each other. Erdoğan added he hopes the same for Turkey one day. The Prime Minster said he sent congratulations messages to President Obama and Vice President Joe Biden.

Expectations on Syria

Responding to questions from the Turkish press, Prime Minster Erdoğan also reiterated expectations from the U.S. administration on Syria.

He said, “There are expectations that some positive developments could take place in our region after the elections. Do we not have this expectation? We do.”

Erdoğan said, “Considering

the tiring and preventative nature of the U.S. elections or the campaigns, I can honestly say that we have not pressured the U.S. much.” Stressing NATO involvement in issues of concern to Turkey, Erdoğan said, “I believe it is necessary for the U.S. to approach this issue in a far more different manner.” Erdoğan also alluded to the U.N. Security Council and said that Turkey would continue diplomatic outreach on the issue.

Read Erdogan’s statement here. (Turkish)

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