TUSIAD: “TUSIAD Vows to Defend the Secular and Democratic Nature of Turkey”

The Turkish Industrialists’ and Businessmen’s Association (TUSIAD) expresses its concerns regarding the hasty approach to resolving Turkey’s longstanding headscarf issue.  TUSIAD believes that this careless approach provides an opportunity for those who intend on inhibiting Turkey from progressing on her path to a stronger democracy to do so.

TUSIAD has issued the following statement in response to criticisms over its publicly voiced concerns on the headscarf issue being made the country’s priority: 

“One of the political parties that has initiated the process of constitutional and legal changes under the premise of resolving the headscarf issue in the name of equality and the right to education has proved that its true intention is to move Turkey away from its process of democratization and EU accession.

TUSIAD acknowledges and gives great importance to the headscarf issue, which is critical to young women in Turkey and is a sensitive issue among the public in general.  However, we feel that this issue has been brought forth prematurely without seeking compromise on a larger scale. The timing of this initiative also poses additional complications when the economy is slowing and unemployment is increasing. It is difficult to understand how this issue has become the country’s number one priority over the economy.

TUSIAD has consistently advocated for Turkey’s interests in line with her democratic and secular nature, which are indispensable characteristics of the Turkish Republic.  We will continue to voice our opinions regarding any issue we feel may be a threat to these values.”

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