TUSIAD: "The NATO Summit and President Obama’s visit have reconfirmed Turkey’s importance for global peace"

TUSIAD released the following statement with regard to the NATO Summit and US President Barack Obama’s visit to Turkey:

“The NATO Summit in which Turkey’s legitimate concerns were taken into consideration has demonstrated once again the historical significance of Turkey in NATO as well as its increasing role in the region.

Turkey’s growing importance within the framework of NATO’s expanding responsibilities will surely contribute to the EU’s aspirations of becoming a global actor. Therefore, the criticisms directed against Turkey’s sensibilities with regard to the choice of NATO Secretary General by European politicians are inconsistent in terms of the future of the EU.

President Barack Obama, who has played a constructive and effective role in overcoming the deadlock at NATO, made his first overseas bilateral trip to Turkey. President Obama’s visit has reaffirmed that Turkey will be one of the most important countries in promoting security and stability in the coming era. Highlighting the opening of a new era in US-Turkey relations after the NATO summit and President Obama’s visit, TUSIAD believes that cooperation of the two allies will make indispensable contributions to world peace.”


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