TUSIAD: “It is a Humanitarian Imperative for Israel to Stop the Disproportional Use of Force in the Middle East”

TUSIAD has issued the following statement condemning the highly disproportional use of force by Israel in the Gaza Strip:

“Israel’s highly disproportional military operation in Gaza, which has resulted in over 500 deaths, is developing into a serious threat to regional peace, stability and economic cooperation.  It is a humanitarian imperative for Israel to stop its use of disproportional force in the Middle East. Also, it should be recalled that at a time when a global economic restructuring is taking place, which will make regional and global political cooperation inevitable, the use of force and violence by any actor will endanger this ongoing process and the spirit of cooperation.

Within this framework, the international community must do everything in its power immediately to stop Israel’s military action, secure a ceasefire in the region and provide basic humanitarian aid to the people of Gaza who are trapped in disgraceful humanitarian conditions. Thereafter, the regional powers must agree on not resorting to force and violence in the solution of political conflicts. Turkey’s ongoing initiatives have the potential to form the basis of such an understanding. Furthermore, it is extremely important for the US and the EU not to display a passive attitude towards the ongoing violence in Gaza. They must take serious initiatives to stop the violence and support dialogue and cooperation.”

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