TUSIAD Condemns Terrorist Attacks, Urges Political Compromise


We have been saddened by the recent terrorist attacks that have deeply affected our citizens and we remain greatly concerned. We can no longer tolerate a return to terrorism and violence, and the funerals of our martyrs. We join all that have called on terrorist organizations to immediately end their attacks and we once again condemn violence and terrorism.

The shared sensitivity and will power of our people against violence and terrorism is our greatest strength. As we combat terrorism, democratic gains must be maintained and improved. Our expectation of the Turkish Grand National Assembly and incoming government is to swiftly address this grave situation and quickly establish societal peace.

We commend the political leaders and their parties for continuing negotiations to form a coalition government and seeking compromise despite their differences, at this difficult time in our country.

Under current conditions, we would like to reiterate the call we made during our visit to Ankara immediately following the elections of June 7:

“We expect continued persistence in seeking compromise and the establishment of a government as soon as possible; and the next government to take steps to raise the level of Turkey’s democracy, economy, and social standards.”

-For the original statement click here (in Turkish).

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