TUSIAD: “Closure of Political Parties is no Solution for a Modern Democracy”

TUSIAD has issued the following statement in response to the lawsuit seeking the closure of the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP):

“Political parties are an indispensible element of any democratic system, and their closure is unacceptable in light of Turkey’s commitment to democratic values and its multi-party parliamentary system.

Past experiences have proven that closing political parties has not resolved Turkey’s political, social or economic problems. Rather, it has led domestic and international public opinion to question Turkey’s democratic values and it’s commitment to universal standards.

The objective of politics ought to be the effective use of the popular support within the boundaries of a pluralist constitutional framework.  Political parties are fundamental to the implementation of democracy and play a critical role in working towards strengthening democracy.  Our expectation from Turkey’s political parties is that they move Turkey away from such a polarized political atmosphere to one that promotes reconciliation and prosperity.”

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