Turkey and TTIP: Boosting the Model Partnership with the United States

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The Brookings TUSIAD Senior Fellow and Director of the Turkey Project Kemal Kirisci published a comprehensive report entitled Turkey and TTIP: Boosting the Model Partnership with the United States.

In the report, Kirisci argues that Turkey’s inclusion in the TTIP agreement could enrich the partnership between the United States and Turkey and revitalize Ankara’s place in the transatlantic alliance. Citing economic, political and strategic arguments for Turkey’s inclusion in the transatlantic economic partnership, Kirisci provides policy recommendations on how this might be achieved.  Kirisci’s report is the second in the recently established Turkey Project Policy Paper Series.

On September 3, the Brookings Institution will host a panel discussion in Washington on the significance of TTIP for Turkey. The event is part of the TUSIAD U.S.-Turkey Forum at Brookings.

Download the report:


Additional information: http://www.brookings.edu/events/2013/09/03-turkey-transatlantic-trade-investment-partnership


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