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Pivoting in Media, Hospitality & Healthcare Industries During Covid-19

Please join us for Pivoting in Media, Hospitality, & Healthcare Industries During Covid-19, the fifth webinar in the TUSIAD Silicon Valley Network Webinar Series. 

Moderated by TUSIAD SVN Committee Member Buğrahan Çiğdemoğlu, the webinar will feature an engaging discussion with three executives from the media, healthcare, and hospitality industries. Read more

TUSIAD: Tension in the Eastern Mediterranean Should be Resolved Through an Equitable Solution

The escalation of tensions in the Eastern Mediterranean reveals the urgency for all sides to start negotiations without any preconditions for a peaceful resolution through an equitable solution.

Ebru Dicle Appointed Secretary General of TUSIAD

On August 4, 2020, TUSIAD Deputy Secretary General Ebru Dicle was appointed TUSIAD Secretary General. The Board of Directors congratulates Dicle and wishes her success in her new position.

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion in the New Normal

Please join us for the fourth webinar in the TUSIAD Silicon Valley Network Webinar Series.

Moderated by TUSIAD SVN Chair Ayşegül İldeniz, the webinar will feature a discussion with Umran Beba, a global business leader and former Chief Global Diversity and Engagement Officer at PepsiCo. Read more

Design for the New Normal: Breaking and Rebuilding at a Time of Crisis

On July 23, Aylin Uysal (VP of Design at Oracle) sat down with Ayse Birsel (co-founder of Birsel+Seck) for an online discussion on the changing nature of design in the current environment. They shared their insights on how design-oriented thinking can help industry leaders address the challenges and opportunities brought about by Covid-19. Read more