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Tag: Turkish-American Relations

Between Obama and McCain: The Turkish Dilemma

Turks attach a particular significance to the upcoming US elections for reasons going beyond their individual feelings about Bush, McCain or Obama. This is an expected outcome because Turkey is one of the few “friendly” countries that would be directly affected by the policies and style of the new American president. Read more

Anatolian Janus – The AKP's Strategic Depth Doctrine and Turkey's Reemergence in the Middle East

Under the rule of the Justice and Development Party (AKP), Turkey has reemerged as a major power in the Middle East, mediating between Israel and Syria and facilitating in the nuclear standoff between Iran and the US. For some, this signals that Turkey has turned away from the West and joined ranks with the Muslim-majority countries it borders; for others, that the US is no longer an unrivaled power in the region. Read more

"Future of Turkey"

The Congressional Quarterly Global Researcher has published a special issue titled “Future of Turkey” in its issue of December 2007, which also features an article by TUSIAD representative Abdullah Akyuz (p. 21).

Download CQ Global Researcher – Future of Turkey. Read more

Legislating History

Dr. Yılmaz ARGÜDEN

Recently, various Parliaments throughout the world have gotten into the business of legislating history! As Tip O’Neill has succinctly put it, “All politics is local.” However, currently the US Congress is under pressure to consider a resolution about the events of 1915. Read more

TUSIAD: “The Armenian Genocide Resolution May Lead to Unforeseen Consequences in the Region”

The Turkish Industrialists’ and Businessmen’s Association (TUSIAD) expresses its regrets and concerns over the passage by the House Committee on Foreign Affairs of H. Res. 106, Armenian genocide resolution, labeling the tragic events that took place during the first World War as genocide. Read more