Pivoting in Media, Hospitality & Healthcare Industries During Covid-19

Please join us for Pivoting in Media, Hospitality, & Healthcare Industries During Covid-19, the fifth webinar in the TUSIAD Silicon Valley Network Webinar Series. 

Moderated by TUSIAD SVN Committee Member Buğrahan Çiğdemoğlu, the webinar will feature an engaging discussion with three executives from the media, healthcare, and hospitality industries. We will explore with Aydın Sün of Faselis how media and international markets are being reshaped during the pandemic. Hakan Özakbaş of Leading Hotels of the World will share his insights on the evolution of the heavily impacted hospitality industry. Finally, with Sertaç Güzel of Johnson & Johnson, we will examine how the healthcare industry has mobilized its resources to develop novel solutions in the face of global challenges. 


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